Thursday, August 6, 2009

Concert 28: Fresno, California August 5, 2009 Gotta DANCE!

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Concert 28: Fresno, California
August 5, 2009
Gotta DANCE!

I was interviewed by ABC news in Fresno last night. It was a spontaneous moment of going up to the reporter telling her a bit of our story and then a fun moment of something I haven’t really shared.

Here is the link:

When I go to the concerts, I feel like I am part of the back up band. No worries. I am not delusional about this. It just brings me back to days of being in musicals in high school. I love to dance. I know you know that by now. I am always talking about the dancing!

I was in three musicals in high school.

Fiddler in the Roof-chorus;
Guys and Dolls-a hot box dancer and a Cuban dancer;
George M- I played George’s sister, Josie and had a solo tap dancing.

Fiddler on the Roof-Matchmaker:

Guys and Dolls: If I were a bell

George M-Give my regards to Broadway

I love to learn the dances at the concerts this summer. The Honor Roll to See U in the Dark by the Honor Society. The Dance to The Wonder Girls song Nobody. All of the dance moves to Jordin Sparks and the Jonas Brothers songs. I call it my gym membership for the summer.

When I meet girls at the concerts this summer, I have been explaining something about dancing. If you like to dance when you are 12, 13, 14…you will still like to dance when you are 52.

Short blog today. Need sleep to get ready for the next three days of dancing!

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