Sunday, September 6, 2009

More to come...

Lake Michigan at Sleeping Bear Dunes. Last stop before we headed back to Baltimore.

Hannah and I arrived back in Baltimore, Maryland late last night!

The car is so dirty, I was asking a few people if you can powerwash the inside of the car! I have cleaned it four times since June 16, but this is the worst. Who knows what is hidden under some seat, creating that smell!! I am determined to find it later today.

Even with bill paying on-line, the mail is piled high. I have a contract on the house and we are in the process of working out the settlement date. I am cleaning out the last of the closets and the storage unit. Still need to find a home for my two cats, Cooper, age 15 and Playful, age 8. Life and all of the details.

In the next two months, Hannah and I are going to post blogs about the concerts and the summer journey. We are also going to post questions we have about Europe, like the best way to get from one city to another. Or things we should know before coming. Or what would YOU like to know when we are in Europe?

All I know about the possibility of going to Europe is that we would like to do this. You have been a part of leading us down this path. We want you involved with the details. It is a journey we want to take with you by blogging, answering your questions, and creating vlogs and videos of the concerts. We will share the journey of selling our house, finding sponsors and advertisers, and going to the 16 concerts in Europe.

Two months ago, I had enough money in my pocket to go to three concerts-Dallas, Tulsa and Denver. And somehow, one step at a time we made it to 45!

The inspiration of a dream happens one step at a time and right now the dream is to continue this journey in Europe. We want to share this from a fan's perspective and want you all to be a part of it. (I have Jordin Sparks song playing in my head right now. One step at a time, there's no need to rush, it's like learning to fly and falling in love... Now switching to the Jonas Brothers song, Fly With Me...)

During Sept and Oct, I will be posting 3-4 things per week. A blog, pics, videos. The best way to get all of the information is to SUBSCRIBE to the different accounts: (Andrea) (Hannah)

If you have questions about any of these, write them in the comments and I will answer your questions.

Looking forward to our continued journey


  1. Keep on posting. I love to read them! THanks.

  2. I have loved your blogs all summer. I was able to go to two concerts but it felt like I got to attend all 45 with you and Hannah. I loved hearing about the interactions with the sponsers, other fans and all the learning and growing you did. I felt like I was right there with you. Thanks so much for sharing this journey with us.

    Because of all the things you have shared about Honor Society my husband are going to see them in when they come to Utah. We got our tickets saturday and we can't wait to get our CD in the mail. Thanks for sharing about them as well.

    I can't wait to hear all about Europe. I hope that if they tour next year we will have enough saved so that we can go see them in Europe. I think it would be amazing to be with them in a foreign country where the fans know their songs but don't always speak English.

    Thanks for sharing all the memories and for sharing a glimpse into your life and the growth you have had. Your an inspiration to us all. Karalee