Saturday, December 5, 2009

A New Journey begins

A new journey is beginning.

My daughter, Hannah and I are leaving Baltimore in 11 days. Our car will be loaded with clothes, books, and music. All of our furniture has been sold. The cats will have found a new home. Everything we own is in a small storage unit.

We are leaving the community that has been my home since 1981. Our intention is to live on the road for a year. We will explore the world by living in hostels and with friends. First destination is Scottsdale, Arizona and celebrating the holidays with my daughter,Liz, her boyfriend, Ari and their two dogs.

My intention is to continue to write about all of the things that happen and to share this through video blogging, Ustream TV and on this blog. I have changed the name of this blog to Daydreaming with God. I am co-creating this journey with Hannah and with inspired action from within.

I moved to Baltimore in Oct 1981, after marrying my college sweetheart. Getting married seemed like the next logical step in our relationship. We had been dating for four years. My love of Bill and the dreams of creating a life together brought us here to Baltimore. We created two beautiful girls together but our marriage and all of our dreams together came to an end in 1987.

My true community in Baltimore, the one that held me, nurtured me and gave me a space to develop my voice began at an Insight Seminar in March 1989. I met a few friends, Susan, Kater, Terry and Hurley (my future husband). They became the cornerstone of my life. My community has grown to hundreds of people in the last 20 years. With them all, I discovered myself. They were mirrors of love, understanding and acceptance.

I have lived a full life here with a 2nd marriage, the birth and death of my son, the birth of Hannah, a life threatening illness, community based learning (home schooling), peace ceremonies, book groups about spirituality and creativity and the death of my husband.

In the last 20 years, we laughed and cried together. We loved and fought with each other. We sang and danced and celebrated our lives.

The people in my community were the witnesses of my life.

In 11 days, I am leaving the safety and comfort of my home and community to go out into the world and explore life in a new way. I am Daydreaming with God, Opening to Inspiration, and Living a Life Worth Celebrating.

Come along for the ride...


  1. Good Luck with everything Andrea. God bless you and Hannah as you begin this new chapter! Maybe I will get to see you again at a JB or HS show one day! Let me know if you are ever near Boston, Providence or Worcester, MA. Sandy

  2. Andrea,
    You are a remarkable woman who has step out on faith trusting that there will a pillow to lay your head and new adventures to see. I wish you and Hanna the continued peace that you have found and God's great blessing in your journey. I look forward to reading about it.

  3. Some people may find it crazy that you would decide to live like that...but I think is awesome! You and Hannah are amazing! I always look forward to reading your guyses blogs. I hope I can meet you guys someday...if your ever in Wisconsin, your welcome to come to my house! haha =]

  4. i know this is an old blog and you've already got to experience some of your journey but .. it's better late then never !
    I just wanted to say GOOD LUCK and GOD BLESS. you're blogs are so encouraging, moving and inspiring . like Miranda said above if your ever around Cleveland , Ohio your welcome to stay at my home . my family and i once welcomed a couple from england who was biking around america to stay with us for a night , it was one of the coolest experiences ever !