Monday, October 15, 2012

Dancing in Community

The high school dance teacher announced the focus of the thirty minute demonstration at an evening "teaser" event of song and dance. Nine young women had each choreographed a dance that would be part of a larger event in the next month. We, the audience of parents, relatives and friends, had crowded into Dance Studio 1 for the first half hour dance presentation, a few minutes of each dance.

The first woman's name was called by the teacher. Moving gracefully onto the dance floor, the choreographer/dancer used her voice to share a few words that inspired her choreography.

The teacher then spoke the word: "Dancers" A group of four young women quickly moved into position on the dance floor waiting for the music to begin. Striking a pose, breathlessly waiting for the music to begin, the women danced the vision with the choreographer weaving one fluid dance move around the floor.

During the next half hour, one by one, each of the women took center stage, claiming her moment of leadership and inspiration. Nine choreographers. Each woman leading and serving each other. Flowing to the music. Committed to the vision. The dances all had a core message from women of inspiration: grandmothers, mothers, girlfriends and women from history books.

The power, collaboration and community of the dance created a palpable energy in the room. In awe of the opportunity to witness the dance I have personally experienced in sacred circles of writing, speaking praying and meditating, I breathed in the rare opportunity to watch the physical.

This is the Power of WE. Dancing our visions with each other to create something greater.


The dances:

Iter: Road... Journey...Direction
Breaking Tradition
Shattered Mirrors: Redefining Beauty
Power and Strength
Facing Tomorrow
Admire to Acquire
The Swan


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