Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Inspired by Music and America the Beautiful

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Inspired by Music and America the Beautiful

Driving through the canyons of Utah, the rolling mountains of southern Wyoming and the plains of Nebraska, I drove for 14 hours from Salt Lake City to Omaha, Nebraska. As I watched the landscape and drank it into my soul, I listened to the music of Peter Kater. His song Heaven’s Gate from the CD Ambrosia was the perfect music for an early Sunday morning.

Peter is a six-time Grammy nominated songwriter. I was listening to a podcast from an interview with Peter by Kristin and David Morelli on their Everything is Energy Radio program. The discussion was music as healing and transformation. I randomly selected this podcast on my iPod this morning. But, seriously, is anything really random?

The timing of this was Divinely perfect. I needed time to integrate the experience I had at the 9th Jonas Brothers concert of the summer at the Stadium of Fire. Every time I thought of the evening, the 4th of July, I had tears spring to my eyes and I felt my heart expanding.

I thought of the music and the words from the songs about the land and America. Here are some of the songs and my favorite words from the songs:

God Bless America

God Bless America
Land that I Love
Stand beside her and guide her
Through the night with the light from above
From the mountains,
To the prairies
To the oceans white with foam,
God Bless America
My home, sweet home
God Bless America
My home, sweet home.

I love every word in this song. I love the reminder that we are guided through every dark place in our lives with light from above-and I would add from the Spirit within. I have sung this song softly to myself, as I have driven from the mountains, to the prairies, to the oceans white with foam. I LOVE the land. We live in a beautiful, beautiful country. If you don’t have a chance to travel by car across the country, look at photos to feel the richness and diversity. The love of the land could be a religion. I am ga-ga crazy for the land.

America the Beautiful
amber waves of grain
for purple mountain majesty
above the fruited plain...
God shed his grace on thee.

I have visions of driving from one beautiful scene to another. Once again, the land. I also believe that God/Spirit/Higher Power…whatever words you use to create a powerful life force and guide, is blessing us with grace. As painful as the losses I have experienced with the deaths of my son and my husband, with a painful divorce of my first marriage and an illness that had me teetering between life and death, I can feel the blessing and grace of God in all of it.

I learned so much about myself during the dark times. The dark times have helped me to shine my light brightly to learn, to expand and to grow into a richer, wiser human being. Those times have helped me to live a life worth celebrating.


  1. WOW! Just beautiful!! Makes me wish I was driving right along with you. I love this land as well and I can't get through those songs without tears in my eyes.

    Glad to see you are enjoying this time with your daughter, too, going to all the concerts! My daughter and I will be at the Wachovia on 7/24. I can't wait! It'll be so much fun! God Bless!!

  2. Beautiful - I was really blessed reading this blog. Wherever we may be from, God is guiding us and blessing our lives with each little thing that we come across.

  3. hi...i'm silvia from italy. i read your story.
    wow it's amazing how u could travel so much.
    i'd love to help u with the sponsor but at the moment all that i can do is to post the links of your blogs on my jonas fansite if there is something i can do plz tell it to me, btw i'm sorry for ur husband/hannah's dad.
    i lost my mum last august and i can understand the feeling.
    with love