Thursday, June 25, 2009

Concer 3- Denver, Colorado

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June 24, 2009
Denver, Colorado- 3rd concert

There was a flow to the day. Hannah is now in the groove with answering a hundred questions a day to people from all around the world. I am observing and following my instinct to watch, listen and sometimes take action.

Today, Honor Society (the opening band for the Jonas Brothers was in the groove with the pre-party. Jordin Sparks has a new haircut (first seen in Tulsa), and a black dress, instead of white, for her song Battlefield that looked great. The few awkward moments on stage were cleaned up and choreographed beautifully. Oh, and several members of the back-up band had outfits that were tweaked. Much better.

The Jonas Brothers were electric and connecting to the fans and really amped up the show with high energy.

Honor Society started the day by tweeting a message on twitter. (I know what twitter is and I am still not quite sure how to say that Honor Society posted a message! Is that right? Tweeted?) The message was to meet Honor Society at 16th and Lawrence on Writer’s Square in Denver. It was a short walk from the Pepsi Center, the venue for the concert.

Watching Honor Society made me think of the beginning of a journey. Well, maybe not the very beginning but the part where you are going to take the next leap. They are on tour with the Jonas Brothers. They sing a set of four songs every evening. They are having pre-parties and meet and greets. The personal events are still small enough that you can really talk with them and share a moment. It is more than 30 seconds. (I can fully appreciate why the Jonas Brothers have little time to talk with everyone during a meet and greet. They have chosen to see 350-400 girls at meet and greets at each concert and that means 30 seconds per girl and a quick picture. Their dedication to touch so many fans is inspiring!)

But, with the Honor Society we could share how we are traveling to 45 concerts. We could hang out with them for awhile. We could look at their bright, shining faces and feel the excitement of the ride they are on.

They are a great band with really personable young, respectful men. They sang some songs, played their new CD (release date is in the fall) And I know before long, they will be huge! So, if you get a chance to go to a pre-party in your town, go for it!

This is why I am beginning to feel the connection and the groove with going to the concerts again. The moments are happening now. Spontaneous, precious, heart-centered moments with connections to people.

Now, on to Idaho...

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  1. Do you have an email so I can ask you some questions(more like tips) about the concerts?

    Like what time would you say should someone be at the venue if it starts @ 7:30.

    And stuff like that.

    - Brenda(: