Saturday, June 27, 2009

Concert 4- Nampa, Idaho

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Concert 4- Nampa, Idaho

Brad, my "almost" son-in-law's uncle, gave me a brilliant tour around Boise. It is one of the cleanest cities I have ever seen. The city is committed to keeping everything graffiti free and clear of garbage. There is beautiful landscaping of trees, bushes and flowers everywhere. There is culture and educational institutions and bike paths and more. I love the historical sections and the way the state capitol is expanding underground. as a way of creating more space and preserving the historical lines of the original building.

We met up with Brad's brother, Brian. He was confused as to why Jesse's, "almost" mother-in-law was in town. I told him that I was touring the country to check out ALL of Jesse's relatives before giving my final approval for the wedding in October. Just kidding! I love Jesse and I love the relationship he has with my daughter, Mary.

I hung out with Nicola, Brad's wife and Meghan, their daughter all afternoon. We looked at Hannah's Jonas videos on Youtube and talked about our lives. I also got to meet, Royce, the pug that Meghan is watching for ten days. Then, Oliver, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, who rules the roost, started setting some boundaries with this energetic pug.

Here are a couple of highlights from the Nampa concert:

1. Parking is free. Seriously, it is F*R*E*E

2. Closest seats I ever had-Floor, Row B, Seat 4 and I bought them the day before the concert! It was crazy to be that close.

3. A girl named Lindsey came up and asked if I was Hannah's Mom. It was fun to connect with another Jonas fan. She was going to several concerts in a row with two of her friends. I could feel the community energy building. The groupies unite!

4. The concert was short without Honor Society, the opening band.

5. I expected to see the Wonder Girls but will have to wait for a future concert. I "wonder" who they are!

Good concert, all in all.

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