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Dallas, Texas, First concert, June 20, 2009

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First concert of the summer of 2009.

(27th Jonas Brothers concert since July 2007)

Last night was a reflection of the last year for me. I was thinking about the first concert we attended in July 2008 and the first concert in July 2007.

First, let me fill you in on the basic concert information from last night. I walked around by myself meeting the new Verizon Wireless staff. I have a picture with Jesse who I know I will see at least 30 more times. I met Shane from 106.1 KISSfm a rock station in Dallas. I talked with a father and four teenagers who were attending the concert for the first time.

I had seats in section C312. They were on the club level. The new Cowboys Stadium is really beautiful. Plush leather-style seating. Clean and sparkling new. A huge screen at the club level which is about 100 seats wide. The screen gave us up-close footage of the band and at this level, I was able to see their facial expressions. Two sisters were sitting next to me. One of them looked like she was about ten. They only spoke Spanish and I only speak English so there was no conversation. But, we danced and sang and smiled at each other for the whole Jonas Brothers time. Music transcends language. I have also found that once you start dancing and singing the Jonas Brothers songs with someone, age disappears, too.

My personal reflections... In the last year, I have watched my daughter, Hannah, grow. After two months of traveling, writing, going to concerts, recording and editing videos last summer, she matured and became more confident. She has had her ups and downs in the last year and has learned from her experiences. One thing I witnessed was criticism from some teens last summer when we attended 15 concerts. They were upset that we had two tickets to each of the sold out concerts. They felt that we had taken tickets from other people who could not get in. I observed Hannah go through the pain of the criticism and work through it.

In the last year, Joe Jonas had a public break-up with country star Taylor Swift. Taylor created a YouTube where she described Joe breaking up with her over the phone in 27 seconds. Joe was quiet and did not respond at first. Taylor then accused him of cheating on her and he finally wrote a response to his fans letting them know that he has never cheated on a girlfriend and that the break-up was 27 seconds because the person on the other end of the line hung up on him.

The Jonas Brothers wrote a song about the break-up. When they performed it last night, I saw a maturity that was not there last year. I saw a young man who had experienced some pain, had written a song with his brothers and was now singing it with integrated wisdom.

As a parent, we can teach our children, we can model a behavior and then we must release them to have their own experiences. Sometimes I feel like that is the hardest part of being a parent. I don't want my children to feel any pain. I want to protect them. But, it is in feeling all of the emotions that life has to offer that we learn and grow.

For the Jonas Brothers, writing songs for the new CD, Lines, Vines and Trying Times, came from life experience in the past year. The good, the bad and the ugly. The ability to take the pain of a break-up, heal, write a song and chalk it up to a life lesson learned.

Here are some of the words from the song:

I got a rep for breakin' hearts
Now I'm done with Super Stars
And all the tears on her guitar
I'm not bitter

Now I see everything I'd ever need
Is the girl in front of me
She's Much Better

I wanna fight with you
Tear up the sky with you
You're much better
I wanna fight with you
Make up tonight with you
You're much better

Now I've got some enemies
And they're all friends suddenly
BFF's eternally
I'm not bitter

I believe that the road that people lead
Helps you find the one you need
You're much better

See you all tomorrow.

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