Monday, January 11, 2010

An impulse to express: NickJ and the Administration: Jan 8, 2010

Have you ever had something bubbling up inside of you that is so powerful, the idea of not expressing it feels like you may burst! Did you follow that impulse?

Barbara Marx Hubbard is a world class futurist, an evolutionary educator and social innovator. She has been speaking for years about the set of crises we are facing actually being an evolutionary driver to awaken us to a deeper life purpose and a passion to co create a new and better world.

So, what does this have to do with Nick Jonas? Nick has been responding to a call within him to awaken a deeper passion and life purpose. He has been writing songs that speak about making it through hard times, about loving more, about Being who you. And that impulse within him has not stopped with the incredible success he has had as one of Jonas Brothers. Nick Jonas is teaching us all something with his new band, NickJ and the Administration.

He listened to his heart. As much as he loves his brothers, there was another dream, a passion that was bubbling up. This part of him had to be expressed. And he knew that he was taking a risk. The first interviews and concerts showed us all a vulnerability of this risk. He wasn't sure if his fans would embrace this other side of him. But, to bury this dream would mean letting a piece of him die.

So, what did he do?

First he allowed the music to flow through him. He didn't limit writing this music because it wouldn't fit with a brother band. He embraced it, let it flow and opened to the inspiration.

Second, he talked with the Management Team of the Jonas Brothers. He shared the idea of a side project band where he would share the music that expressed his inner world, a world he wanted to share with others. When he had their support and a basic plan, he went to each of his brothers and talked to them individually. He shared the dream that was in his heart and they talked about it. He received individual blessings from both Kevin and Joe.

Third, he surrounded himself with experienced, amazing musicians who could help him take his music to the next level of brilliance. Each piece of this has been an open hearted, inspired action event.

The last piece is how the family is demonstrating supporting each other's dreams. When Nick called Joe and Kevin onto the stage tonight, Joe did not take center stage when he started to sing. Without any hesitation, he motioned for Nick to move to the center. Nick hesitated for a minute and then stepped into that place.

It doesn't matter how successful you are or what you have in your life, when there is something bubbling inside you, an expression of who you are, You must express it.

At the concert tonight, NickJ shared his musical talent, his passion for life, his deeper message of living life with the audience. His joy radiated and rippled through the Beacon Theater. You could feel it.

I leave you with one question. What is bubbling up inside of you and when are you going to let yourself express it?

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  1. Andrea. Thanks for putting into words what I have been feeling. I too admire Nick and this side project. His song "who I am" has given me a chance to look deeper inside myself.

    I have taken to writing a blog to express the things bubbling up inside of me. Thanks for sharing.