Saturday, January 9, 2010

NickJ and the Admin: A New York State of Mind-January 7, 2010

Hannah and I took the Megabus to NYC this morning. If you are going to Manhattan for the day or a few days, you can't beat it. Reserving the bus in advance on-line and traveling during some of the off hours gives you the best price. Total cost for the two of us $56.50. Add in $8.00 for the metro (subway). (

My daughter, Mary lives in NYC and we come here several times a year. When we arrived today, we hopped on the subways and easily found our stop.

When we emerged from the subway, I had a feeling of familiarity. I stopped and looked around to let it sink in. This is the area I came to several months earlier to buy food for Mary's wedding. It was a beautiful October day. I had traveled by subway with Mary's soon-to-be brother-in-law, Santi. He and I had chatted on the subway and the few blocks to the Fairfield Market. It was a great time of getting to know one another.

With grocery list in hand, we had been sent on a mission to find the rest of the food for the 30 gourmet picnic baskets we were all creating back in Mary and Jesse's New York apartment. One of the bonuses of coming to New York early had been the opportunity to get to know Jesse's family. I had waves of joy, as I thought back to that day.

Now, I was on another mission with Hannah. I was in search of the hotel and a place to drop off our bags. Hannah in search of the Beacon Theater and to do some Nick Jonas stalking.

I checked in at the hotel into room 705 which happens to be the name of a Jonas Brothers song.

Hannah stayed outside the Beacon Theater until she was rewarded with a photo op with NickJ after six hours of waiting. I spent the afternoon walking and exploring the area. I reflected on the memories and feelings I had from my daughter's wedding. Then, I discovered new things I hadn't seen that day. The Italian patriate statues, the architecture of the churches that lined the street to our hotel, Alice's Tea Shop, and the falafel and hummus sandwich at Cafe 71. This experience deepened the memories of the first visit here and now it had a new richness, a deeper connection and intimacy.

And that is what it was like watching Nick Jonas tonight. I have watched Nick over 70 times in person. Seeing him on the stage of the Beacon Theater had a familiarity, the feeling of having been here before. And it was time to add in a new experience. Kevin Jonas was standing at the side with Mama and Papa Jonas surrounded by friends. Everyone was watching Nick in this intimate venue. Nick has surrounded himself with wise, seasoned musicians to bring his talent and songs to a new level, bassist/producer John Fields, drummer Michael Bland and keyboardist Tommy Barbarella — who both logged time with Prince in the New Power Generation — and guitarist Sonny Thompson.

Before the show began, I had conversations with several young women who had seen the show in Washington, DC, the night before. They were telling me that I wouldn't recognize him, that he owned the stage and took it to another level. They couldn't believe he could do this!

As I watched him tonight, I thought that anyone who was surprised that he could do this has not been watching him onstage. As part of the Jonas Brothers, he is the one they look to when there is a glitch onstage. He is the one who starts and ends the songs. He is the one who sits alone on the middle of the stage singing, "A little bit longer," and "Black keys", and who delivers a message of inspiration that is so powerful you can feel the audience and the stillness.

Maybe it is because when I watch Nick Jonas, I see one of the great leaders of this generation who inspires people of all ages with his wisdom and words at the age of 17. I see him. I know he brings music and heart to the world right now. He is sharing more of his inner world with us on this tour through his music.

Yes, coming to New York today, I posted the words from the Jay-Z and Alicia Keys song, "An Empire State of Mind: These streets will make you feel brand new, Big lights will inspire you, let's hear it for New York, New York, New York."

He left us with his inspiration for this year: 2010- The Year of No Fear. And encouraged us to all join together to heal the world. Once again, NickJ, you inspired us!

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  1. Well written Andrea. Now I am even more excited to see Nick next week in Boston. Glad you had a wonderful visit to NYC. I hope to meet up with you and Hannah again in the future. Take care.