Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 85- On the road Introducing Authors Part 1

April 6, 2010

Day 85-On the Road
Introducing Next Top Spiritual Authors Part 1

This is my humble offering to introduce you to some of the other authors in the contest. I will be posting links to five authors on Tues and Thurs for the next few weeks. Enjoy the energy!

Here are five of the amazing authors:

1. Cathy Matarazzo- Cathy is a singer, songwriter, minister of spiritual peacemaking. On her video she shares some of her music along with her message. I met Cathy at a spiritual retreat in Colorado with James Twyman. Her book is called Freedom Wake ... where it all begins. To view Cathy's video http://www.nexttopauthor.com/?aid=121

2. Jamie M. Eastman - Jaime is a Goddess, a mother and an author. I met her through the Prosperity Tribe of Kristin and David Morelli. Her book is called Flashpoint. It is a fictional story based on the power of intention and quantum physics. Listen to her audio http://www.nexttopauthor.com/?aid=2635

Scott Brandon Hoffman- Scott is a comedian who lives in Los Angeles. I met him at the Lynn Rose WOW Factor a few weeks ago. His book is called-Living in a Human Suit. Check out his video and book subtitle on-line http://www.nexttopauthor.com/?aid=2329

Susan LeClair- Susan is the founder of Divine Parenting. http://www.divineparenting.org/ She has a huge heart and is always reaching out to communities of people to support the opening and connection to the heart. I met Susan at a Spiritual Retreat with James Twyman. She is pure light and love. Her book is called. Life with Steve: Ascension Through Relationship Check out the audio description of her book here. http://www.nexttopauthor.com/?aid=242

Tambra Harck- Tambra has a radio show called Joy of Love and Life. I met her through the Prosperity Tribe with Kristin and David Morelli. She had the inspired thought to invite Next Top Author contestants to her show over the next month. The fan page for her show is http://www.facebook.com/joyofloveandlife Her book is called Sacred Truths. To listen to her audio http://www.nexttopauthor.com/?aid=2109

Enjoy the wisdom, love, and laughter of the authors and Vote!
My book is Open to Inspiration: The summer a woman discovered herself with a teenage daughter and the Jonas Brothers on a 10,000 mile road trip. http://www.NextTopAuthor.com/?aid=49 

Top 250 authors go to Round 2.

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