Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 99: On the Road: Next Top Spiritual Authors Part 5

Next Top Spiritual Authors Part 5
April 20, 2010

My intention is to introduce you to 5 more incredible authors on Tues and Thurs through May 3. This has become a spiritual journey of receiving inspiration from all over the world.

As a reminder, you can vote for as many people as you want to in Round 1. I have voted for approx 40 authors in the contest. Top 250 go on to Round 2.

21) Lynn Serafinn. Lynn is a Transformation Coach who has used her personal story to help people unlock their own. She is an author, radio talk show host and has a passion to help other spiritual authors unlock their own passions. I heard her story on Tambra Harck's radio show and felt inspired to reach out and connect with her. Her book is called, The Garden of the Soul:  Lessons from four flowers that unearth the Self. The link to her video is here:

22) Margaret Adams. Margaret is a retired nurse and widow who is sharing wisdom in her community. I met Margaret at a women's gathering in Conway, Arkansas when I was invited to share insights from a book I co-authored called Conscious Choices. Margaret has been a well kept secret up until now. Being in her presence and talking about life in a very simple way, I felt transformed from listening to her stories and connecting with her deep wisdom. Her book is called, Messages of Love: My spiritual experiences. Click here to watch her video-

23) Sandy Harper. Sandy considers herself a Mommy first to her 3 yr old miracle baby Jake. She was inspired in prayer to create Gratitude Boot Camp. I first heard of Sandy on Tambra Harck's radio show. I love gratitude and felt a connection to her book. The book is called:  Gratitude Habit: Live in Gratitude and Create the Life of your Dreams. Her video link is here:

24) Shamim Sadiq.  Shamim is a physician by profession and a curious soul searcher living life around the world. One of my Facebook/networking friends connected me with Shamim. She talks about the journey of life in her book. Her book is called: Aim Vertically not Horizontally. Listen to her audio here.

25) Wal Achmueller. Wal is an artist and a communicator devoted to encourage creative Self-expression. Connecting with her was one of the inspired examples of this contest. I accepted a friend connection from her on Facebook. A few days later I felt inspired to get on the Author share site. She had shared the link to her video and a few inspired quotes that I connected to personally. I watched her video and decided to vote and ask if I could include her on the blog. Then I realized that we had been crossing paths for 3 days. Cool, huh? The title of her book is Sanctuary of Creativity: A Quest Into Self and the Creative Flow. The link to her video is here:

Enjoy the spiritual wisdom, and heart centered connection of the authors and Vote! Thanks so much.

My book is Open to Inspiration: The summer a woman discovered herself with a teenage daughter and the Jonas Brothers on a 10,000 mile road trip.

Top 250 authors go to Round 2.


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  2. Ooh, I am so honoured to be on your blog, Andrea. This is most kind of you. I am also so pleased to be meeting all these wonderfully creative, spiritual authors. Anyone reading this, I do invite you to come over to my Spirit Authors page on facebook. It's really a fan page for my Spirit Authors members site at, but it sort of become a hangout for us Spiritual Author folk (there's about 1000 of us). You can find that page at

    There even a discussion forum where I am inviting NTSA contestants to post their link and a brief "blurb" about their book. Just click the tab that says "discussions".

    Thanks again, Andrea!

    Warm wishes,
    Next Top Spiritual Author 2016