Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 92- On the Road: Authors Part 3

Tuesday, April 13

Authors in the Next Top Spiritual Author Contest- Part 3

I know that everyone has a full life and it takes time to listen to the videos and audios. I am personally feeling transformed by watching and voting for the authors. Listen, enjoy, and vote, if inspired!

11. Beth Rosen.  Beth is amazing! I would list all of her accomplishments, talents and interests here, her video instead. I met Beth on the SHARE area for the authors in the contest. She is high energy and is on the group site to encourage, connect and enlighten. Her book is called: It Does Matter and So Do You. Check out her video   

12. Betsy Muller-  Betsy is the founder of the Indigo Connection and is an energy coach. She also has 29 years of experience in corporate America. I met Betsy on Facebook, watched her video and felt an instant connection! Her book is called, "Energy Makeover: Simple Self Care and Soul Care for Creating a Magnificent Life" Watch her video here-

13. Eugene Pitout.  Eugene has had quite a journey of studying and experiencing spirituality and metaphysics. I met him on the Share site for the authors in this contest. About one minute into his audio, I felt like I was entering a relaxed meditative state. So glad he is feeling guided to creating  meditations!. His book is called, "I Create Therefore I Am." Listen to his audio here

14. Phyllis Abbott.  Phyllis has a powerful story to tell about depression. Her energy is very soft and low key. I can see how important her story is for someone who is struggling with depression. I have attended spiritual retreats with Phyllis and she is passionate and filled with love about sharing a message with people and helping them heal. Her book is called, "Awakening." Watch her video here:

15. Raija Rintapaa.  Raija is a minister of spiritual peacemaking who lives in Finland. I met her in Oregon at a spiritual retreat with James Twyman. We were both ordained as ministers at that retreat in 2006. I love reading her simple messages of love and hope on her Facebook page. She is pure love and a gentle soul. Her book is called "Fearless Connection: How to keep your freedom in a relationship.

Enjoy the spiritual wisdom, and heart centered connection of the authors and Vote! Thanks so much.

My book is Open to Inspiration: The summer a woman discovered herself with a teenage daughter and the Jonas Brothers on a 10,000 mile road trip.

Top 250 authors go to Round 2.

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