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Day 91- On the Road: A Journey of Creativity

Mon, April 12, 2010

A Journey of Creativity

I want to support you in expressing more of who you are.

I want to encourage you to create, to write, speak, dance, and play. Creativity, and the expression of it, is as important as food, water, shelter, and community. As human beings, we need to express ourselves creatively.

I feel like I have an opportunity right now to share more about creativity. I am in a contest and I am expressing myself through my voice. I am on a journey that can help you to awaken to a deeper part of your path of creativity. I am here to encourage, nudge, and inspire you to deepen your own journey.

On Mondays, for the next few weeks, I am going to share a brief description of the journey I have been on as a writer. It is one form of creativity. I hope that it sparks something in you that leads you to a discovery of something that wants to wake up right now! I will share an overview of ideas and resources every week. Use the ideas and allow your own Divine expression to come forward.

As you read about my journey, my greatest desire is that it spark something in you. A remembrance. A new idea. A passion. It may happen immediately or it may surface later today or sometime this week or month.

You have all of the answers inside of you. Sharing my journey is something to help you stimulate your own answers.

My journey  of writing:

I was always a journal writer. I had a diary as a teenager and I loved to write about feelings, thoughts and observations. I was always curious about why people acted the way they did and I wrote about it privately. Just for me.

In 1991, when I was pregnant with my third child, Cooper, I became a daily journal writer. He was born with a congenital heart defect, had two open heart surgeries and died at 19 months from a neuroblastoma cancer. Hannah, my 4th child, was born two weeks after Cooper died and a year later I developed an autoimmune condition that took over my life for two years.

I had a lot of thoughts, feelings and emotions to write about!

I was in book clubs with groups of women for about ten years. We explored our creativity and spirituality once a week. Two of my favorite books were by Julia Cameron, "The Artist's Way," and "The Vein of Gold."  Julia's idea of morning pages, walks and art dates were some of the things I began to incorporate into my life. They really stirred the words and self-expression. I had connected with the women in the group through friendship and homeschooling our children.

If a book group interests you, gather friends or find a group on-line that meets in your area. The library, a local bookstore or a group like Meet-up is another way of connecting with new people.  Julia Cameron's books are available at the library and in bookstores. Support a local bookstore!!

In 2004, I had the thought of writing a book. I thought it would probably be a "how to travel with your children" book because so many people asked me to write down tips I had learned. I was homeschooling my children and life felt very full.  I felt like I was "fed" creatively and spiritually but something else was bubbling inside. I had to write. I don't want to be overly dramatic here, but seriously, sometimes it felt like I would die if I didn't start writing. Have you ever had that feeling? A desire so strong that you had to listen to it or die?

I decided to go to a coffee shop once a week for 2 hours and began to explore the ideas that were bubbling inside of me. I wrote down things that interested me, areas I thought I had experience, and I looked through old journals for ideas.

In my day to day life, I wrote down words, book titles, billboards, songs, dreams and vanity license plates that inspired me or stirred my heart.

A few months after starting this, my husband was diagnosed with cancer. My passion for writing was channeled into journals again and e-mails to family and friends to describe the details of my husband's cancer and treatment.

After he died, I still had the desire to write, but the idea of a book did not surface until 2 years later.

Today is the beginning of  stirring the pot. See if the things I wrote here stir anything in you. It might be a moment of remembering a passion you had as a teenager or a child. It might be something that you put on hold when life happened and you thought, well someday I will...

Please write things in the comments section to share with each other. Your own ideas and stirrings. If you have questions for me, go to:

Next week, I will talk about the first book I co-authored and how that emerged at an Evolutionary Women Retreat.

If you haven't voted for me in the Next Top Spiritual Author contest, you can go to this link to register on the site,  view the video and vote. Thanks!

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