Monday, June 3, 2013

Immersion Writing

Day 3 of 100 Days of Blogging:

I believe in the power of immersion in writing and personal growth acceleration.

I believe in creating a "structure" that can hold me, as I explore and discover new things about myself. (100 days of blogging, 44 radio shows, 30 Questions, 365 days of the Course in Miracles, 9-month Heal My Voice process are some of the structures I have used to support myself and other women.)

I know that by setting an expectation of writing every day the floodgates will open with words that want to flow through me to the computer. (Currently I am blogging for 100 days, and writing my story for Voices of Peace, Voices of Love and Voices of Feminine Leadership: the next three Heal My Voice Projects. Lots of words are ready to come out)

I believe in compassion within the commitment. For me that means, getting support, letting go of perfection, acknowledging that this may look and feel messy at times. Being gentle with myself. Creating time for rest, silence, walks in nature and change.

I believe in setting intentions and at the same time being open to new directions to emerge.

Some of my Intentions for the next 100 days:

*To deepen my connection to my inner authority of answers, ideas, inspirations and wisdom
*To uncover what is blocking me from the next full expression of my voice
*To explore the power of my voice in writing, speaking and leadership
*To share what is emerging personally and professionally
*To learn how to hold more sensation: joy, happiness, pleasure, and discomfort, uncertainty and change.

If you want to join me on this journey of writing whether it is one day, 30 days or 100 days, here are two things I suggest.

*Make the commitment to write (First for YourSELF and then decide if you want to share it with others)

*Create a space and time to write, including scheduling it on your calendar. YOU are WORTH it!

To the adventure!

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