Monday, June 10, 2013

Listening to Your Heart: I Know

Day 10 of 100 Days of Blogging

In the mid 90's I went to a weekend workshop for women at a private home in West Virginia led by Jayne Howard Feldman and Lucky Sweeny. By that time in my life, I had ended a marriage, lost a child to cancer, personally survived a life threatening illness and I was homeschooling my children. With many of my decisions and choices, the people around me reflected doubt and fear. I had even been called crazy and stupid for choices that included alternative medicine, taking charge of my children's education and the decision to leave a marriage because of alcoholism and verbal abuse.

On Sunday morning at the retreat, all 15 women gathered on the deck with the sun rising over mountains and fir trees mixed with the autumn leaf colors of gold, red and orange. Jayne turned on the CD player and invited us to dance. The song was called, "I Know," from the album Beautiful World.

My heart burst when I heard the words to the song. They were the words I had been trying to tell people for years. When my decisions were questioned I would tell them, I just know. I can feel the choices. My heart knows.

Words from the song:

"How will I know the sun is going to shine again next day, I can reach you when you're so far away. I know because my heart tells me so.

How do I know the smile behind your eyes is for real, I can touch you and know what you feel. I know because my heart tells me so.

There is so much energy. Enough for everyone. Deeper than the conscious mind. Silent knowledge. Wisdom we all share.

Oh, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know...

I know 'cause my heart tells me so..."

How about you? 

What do you know? 

What is your heart telling you?

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