Monday, June 17, 2013

Quiet the Mind and Take Baby Steps

Day 17 of 100 Days of Blogging

Stuart Mooney, a scientist and a Buddhist wrote on his blog that the great awakening had arrived. Between Feb 11, 2011 and Oct 28, 2011, we would all wake up! I had been waiting all of my life for that moment in time.

All over the planet there continues to be an awakening and an inner shift that is calling us to move from the mind to the heart. To move from a linear thinking to a wisdom spoken by and through the heart. I feel like finally I can be a round peg and I don’t have to fit into a square hole. I can be myself and allow other people to be themselves.

In this time of awakening we are all reminded to quiet the mind, listen for our inner wisdom, and take action in baby steps. It can be exciting and scary bringing waves of grief, as we let go. There can be discomfort as things are always shifting. I feel this way every day, do you?

I listened to Jo Dunning, a healer, as she talked about the shift that is happening. She reminded us to quiet the mind and cultivate gratitude and trust. For example, An event has already happened. Now how do we respond.

Here are some quotes from the interview:

"We very seldom get the big picture. We usually get the next baby step and then the next baby step. Occasionally, we may think we have the next picture and we find ourselves moving towards it, only to find it was just the way to get us moving so something else could be the opportunity for us. Tune into the guidance and then take action on this deep knowing."

It takes tremendous courage to be on a spiritual path. Be gentle with yourself and others. Quiet the mind…take baby steps.

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