Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Dream: The Archetype of the Magical Child Awakening

Day 20 of 100 Days of Blogging 

I had a dream.

I was wearing a wedding dress standing next to a piano. My Dad was sitting at the piano ready to play a song for me to sing. A little girl about the age of five ran up to the microphone. Picked it up off the floor and prepared to sing. An older man hurried to the stage, pried the microphone out of her hand and picked her up to take her off the stage. She burst into tears. I calmly walked over to her and let her know that as soon as I sang my song, she could sing hers.

When I awoke from the dream, I lay in bed thinking about it.

This is what I noticed:

*The little girl was ready to share her voice, to sing her song without waiting for anyone to give her permission.

*An older man told her she couldn't sing her song and when he took the microphone out of her hand, she immediately started to cry. She was open and present and still had a voice in her expression.

*My father was waiting for me to tell him when I was ready to sing.

*I was willing to share the stage with the little girl.

*There was space for all me. I didn't have to hide anything anymore.

 (The bride in the photo is me on my wedding day October 31, 1981 when I married Bill Redington. We divorced in 1987 after giving birth to two beautiful daughters, Mary and Elizabeth)

                                                                                             The book on my nightstand right now is Crossing to Avalon: A Woman's Quest for the Sacred Feminine by Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D.  I have been re-reading it and today I came across this passage and it reminded me of my dream a few nights ago.

From the book: "The magical child archetype appears in the dreams of people who are getting in touch with meaning or creativity in their lives and sense that they might have a personal destiny to fulfill. On awakening, the dreamer will recall the dream with pleasure and often with puzzlement: who is this child? The dream appears with the possibility of new or renewed life. The soul is awakening. "

In the photo below, I am the little girl on the left and I am five years old. My sister, Joanne, is the little girl on the right and she is three years old. This is my Aunt Elsie holding us in the picture. We were flower girls at my Uncle's wedding and we sang a song at the wedding reception. The song was "I've Been Working on the Railroad." The key to this is that when I started my organization, Heal My Voice in January 2011, the words I used were, "Heal My Voice is a moving train and I am on board for wherever it is leading me."


The question I ask myself today is, "What part of the little girl in me is waking up and how can I invite her back onto the stage?"

And I ask the readers: What is waking up in you?

Post in the comments and share your journey with us! All Aboard!

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