Sunday, June 23, 2013

Voices of Feminine Leadership Begins

Day 23 of 100 Days of Blogging

One of the most challenging things for me in the last year has been staying with the unfoldment of the Divine Feminine in my life and in the Heal My Voice programs. I like a plan and deadlines and forward movement and the rapids in the river where everything is moving. Even though to be in the rapids ALL the time can cause adrenal failure!

For the last year, I have questioned this "waiting, waiting, waiting..." It feels like I have an idea or I want the start date to be something I think and then it is delayed and shifts. How do I run an organization and have a program without a firm start date and deadlines? How do I continue to live in this fluid way?

Back in 2008, I was still living my life with the three year wall calendar, appts, work, vacations, homeschool curriculum all laid out. Although there was flexibility and change in the schedule, there was a lot of predictability. Things happened if they were on the calendar.

Since January 2009, the fluidity, the uncertainty has been increasing until, here we are. Today is the beginning of the next Heal My Voice project. Voices of Feminine Leadership. A deeper conversation about what is emerging, about what we are noticing, about how we can step into greater leadership in our lives.

With the women who have signed up for Voices of Feminine Leadership, we begin today with a webex event and a conversation: Exploring Feminine Leadership. I wonder if in this next year, I will learn to trust that everything unfolds in Divine Order. Trusting the the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine are dancing together in my life in Harmony and Balance.  How will that change my life?

Yesterday I saw a few posts from authors and speakers who postponed the release of a book, the launch of a product, the start of a new workshop because they felt guided to change something and there was a sudden flow of newness.

Is this the new way of living? Will we ever return to the scheduling of the past?

Post your thoughts, feelings and experiences in the comments section and let's begin a deeper exploration together.

For information on Voices of Feminine Leadership: Click Here


  1. In 2003 my Spirit Guides told me to stop wearing a watch and stop making lists. It took a lot of trust and faith but I did it. Now, 10 years later, when I'm feeling insecure and vulnerable, surprising to me one of the first things I think to do is make a list and put on a watch. Hmmm...

    1. Yes! One of the things I have played with this year is to take off two days a week (Wednesday and Sunday) Whenever I travel or there are busy times, I find myself working 7 days a week again. After I finish moving in the next week, I am recommitting to that time again. To step away and follow the inspiration on those days. No watch. No computer. No phone.