Sunday, July 28, 2013

Challenging Our Comfort Zone

Day 56 of 100 Days of Blogging

You know that feeling where everything feels like it is in place?

You have the work, the relationship status, the money, the fun that all feels balanced and perfect. You are in the zone...the comfort zone.

I know who I am and I know where I'm going and it is all right here.

It feels like you have arrived and for a moment everything feels "right."And then someone or something comes along to shake it up. A desire arises in you to BE more, to DO more, to EXPLORE and to CHANGE something. There is a:

Zing of excitement
Rush of adrenaline
Yearning or longing

Something crosses your path and you have a choice to stay right where you are or step out of the comfort zone and into something that will challenge you.

You know that there will probably be:

Moments of uncertainty
Old messages of inadequacy

It is in this moment that you begin to decide. Am I going to stay in this life that is comfortable and predictable or am I going to challenge myself?

Right now...

I see it with my daughters
I see it with the women in Heal My Voice
I see it with the women at Chrysalis House

And I see it in my own life. We are standing on the edge and something is compelling each of us to challenge the comfort zone and learn more about who we really are.

What do YOU choose?  


  1. What do I choose? I love this question... it tells me that I have the "choice" and that makes me feel empowered! The older I get the yearning and longing gets louder! The older I get, braver I get! The older I get, more hopeful and more determined I get... and I walk to the edge and I jump knowing that I will be given wings to fly!

  2. Andrea, The one thing I encourage my jewelry customers is to get the gemstone combination that challenges them and stretches their comfort zones - i know sounds strange jewelry that stretches your boundaries - but gemstones can be very powerful and I specifically create pieces that are going to empower, uplift and yes, even stretch and help you move to the next level.

    Recently I was at an event with Tantra Maat and one of the women had chosen just such a necklace, and was about to change her mind because it wasn't exactly "comfortable" - Tantra encouraged her to get it, because why get one that is comfortable now that doesn't create a sense or need to expand, when you can get something that will help you move into a more empowered you?

    1. I love this AnnaMariah! I remember choosing a huge amethyst in 2006 and it felt so BIG! How could I be so bold! Now, it fits me and even may feel a little small. Time for me to explore your jewelry again for my next expanded piece!