Monday, July 1, 2013

I AM A 56 Year Old Powerful Woman

Day 31 of 100 Days of Blogging

One of the women I live with photographed me after our morning house meditation practice. She wanted to show all of me. The 56 year old woman who owns pleasure, pain and power. The unveiling of me. Letting go of the "nice girl" with the smile. This is a photo that shows who I am and where I have been. No cover up. Raw, real, direct, powerful.

I resisted posting this photo of me on Facebook. I can see the lines around my eyes. I see a weathered sadness, a deep mystery, a few more gray hairs and an aging neck.

But, the more I looked, really looked into my eyes, I saw a woman who has looked life squarely in the face over and over. Challenging, embracing, inspiring, discovering and owning my power.

Take a minute today to look in the mirror. To look deeply into your eyes and see what is really inside. What do you see? Now, let it out and tell us what you see. Write in the comments and share your process of discovery.

Ain't no stopping us now LIFE.

Bring it on!


  1. Andrea...this is a beautiful, natural photo of you! This is a great post and a powerful challenge to others! Thank you.

    M.E. Jones

  2. I walked to the mirror, took a deep breath, and started to look into my eyes. My gaze then immediately drifted to my other facial features... the lines around my mouth, the 'smile' lines on my cheeks, how deeply my eyes seemed to be set into my face. Returning to looking INTO eyes, keeping my expression as neutral as possible... emotion started to rise within me... tears started to form. My mind wanted to judge what I was feeling... I let the analysis come and at the same time just kept looking. What makes me, me, is vast... there is joy, delight, sadness, shame, despair, playfulness, seriousness, grief - and I couldn't separate them.
    I judged myself as NOT having looked life squarely in the face, as having either put up walls or turned away and not engaged, and forgot that my essence cannot help but come out from behind the walls and engage again.
    Every morning there is a clean slate. I am continuing to discover my inner beauty each day.
    Thank you, Andrea, for your raw honesty.

  3. Vulnerable, raw, real, the original being...source...that is who I see in your photo and in my mirror each morning. Flowing love and appreciation to you, and you, and you and me:) Funny how this reminder came to me in many ways this morning. We touch the angels and they touch us...everyday...they lead us where we have asked for the messages!! Much love, Sabrina

  4. I love the picture for its honest beauty and coming from me that is huge cause I am fighting the aging process. However, lately I am more comfortable being seen without make-up at times.

    Every morning I look into my eyes reflected in the mirror and I say "I love myself Marianna. I really love myself. Then I set my intention for a wonderful day.

    Got it from Louise Hay.

  5. The true you is the most beautiful you. xo

  6. There is great beauty in real...thanks for sharing Andrea.

  7. Something about "LIFE...Bring it on!" resonated with me...Makes me think that my best life experience requires what Christina Aguilera says, "No hype, no gloss, no pretense. Just me. Stripped."

  8. I love this Andrea!
    "But, the more I looked, really looked into my eyes, I saw a woman who has looked life squarely in the face over and over. Challenging, embracing, inspiring, discovering and owning my power."

    I absolutely love it! Your sure right. Own your power. Your beauty is ALL natural. This is completely inspiring...and in alignment with my book. Blessings!