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See the Canvas of Your Life from the Hilltop of Desire by Monisha Mittal, Guest Blogger

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(In the flow of the feminine energy...)

See the canvas of your life from the hilltop of desire:
By Monisha Mittal, 
Founder of Your Inner Ease
There is a roar going on inside each of us to consider. It’s a roar many of us learned to tamp down, as dangerous or perhaps futile. I know firsthand that desire, particularly acting on desire, is forbidden in some cultures, even seen as a weakness, at best a frailty of a fallible human heart. Krishna played a flute and like that, our desires are a song: a direct, juicy vocalization of our divine God selves.
Right now, I am aware of the sweet energy of desire growing in my surroundings. Women of many ages in my network are experiencing it—the sweet first blush of realizing another likes you; the downright rush and excitement of courtship and feeling wooed (the butterflies of receiving texts, being noticed and wanted) followed by the deepening intoxication of growing, mutual attraction. Mmm. 
There is a vital connection between our spirituality and our desires. Here, I pull a story from my background as an example. In Hinduism, most major deities show up as masculine and feminine pairs—so that the male god is always paired with his female consort. Krishna is the only one not married to his feminine pair. In their human lives, both Radha and Krishna were each married to other people. Though their union went against all norms of family, society and even religion in those ancient times, their desires were so total and true that their union is referred to as Raas Leela, their “ love play.”  It remains a cherished story, celebrated in countless music and dance performances today. Krishna in particular incarnated as someone so at one with his Divinity that he travelled his human journey as a lover, entrancing and loving many women completely. And he was so true to his journey as a lover that he didn’t look at societal rules and boundaries. I doubt, like Jesus, he saw them let alone consider them.
Yes, our desires seem entwined with our sexuality and sensuality, yet our true passions are our God selves all lit up. There is a sweetness to them. And, using the vocabulary of one of my teachers, its important we don’t ‘qualify’ that desire. That is, imagine a blue fire burning beneath the surface. We are that surface and it’s our role to create an opening so the fire can come out. In our human form, we can tend to add our own ‘qualifications’ to it – coming to and attaching to desire from ego. But somehow, that doesn’t allow us or the flame the experience we seek from this union.

There are some powerful implications here—not only do our true passions carry the sweet signature of our Divinity but they also represent a basis for us to act from our inner authority, whether or not that conforms with societal norms. So really, our desires are a powerful and important force from this universe for each of us to consider: a call seeking a response. We must take the time to taste our desires. To connect with desire, I channeled the following exercise:

1. Notice your desire. Ask yourself: What does it look like to stand in my field of desire? What scene comes to mind? Take the time to feel every sensory experience: on your skin, through your nose. 

What do you hear, see, taste?

2. Now, connect to that desire. Step into that center. 

How does it feel to live from this place, from your desire? And what does your life look like from this hilltop? 

What came through for me is that we take part in the cosmic creation when we step into living from our desire. Walk right into the center of my desire, this meditation said, because it is your aliveness speaking to you. It is that flame of cosmic creation that caresses your naked body and elicits sighs and shudders. Take part in it with me, won't you, it asks...

Monisha Mittal lives in Fairfax, VA with her husband, Alan and two sweet cats. She is writing the rest of her story in an upcoming book which will be published in 2014. Monisha serves as a strong listener and advocate for the sacred in an individual's or group’s journey, integrating the emotional, mental and spiritual. Using techniques such as role playing, channeling, writing and facilitation expertise, she helps bring out the pieces on your path that want to be heard right now, in support of your larger purpose. You can visit her at, or get in touch at


  1. Monisha - what a delicious post - thank you for this!

  2. What a beautiful and divinely timed post Monisha... the times and energies have never been better to step into our desires and live from the center of our desires!