Monday, July 29, 2013

Sexuality Needs a New Metaphor

Day 57 of 100 Days of Blogging

I am exploring the topic of sexuality this year. Looking at all of the ways a disconnection from our sexuality has also shut down desire, money, pleasure and joy in women. (Realizing that anything that shuts down a woman's voice, shuts down something in men, too)

I came across this video about how the metaphor of baseball is used with sex and how it sets us all up for competition and disconnection with each other.

Al Vernacchio on this brilliant Ted Talk talks about Sex Education and how it sets us up for unhealthy sexuality.

Baseball as a metaphor:

*First base, second base
*Scoring a run
*Striking out
*Bench warmer

Sex is considered a goal oriented, competitive, male dominated "sport."

Al suggests another metaphor: PIZZA!

You have a pizza when you are hungry for pizza. It is an internal desire.

*An experience that both will share
*You talk about what you want
*What's your pleasure?

Here is the link for the Ted Talk. I encourage you to watch it. Another step to untangling unhealthy sexuality.

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