Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Memory of the Jonas Brothers: I'm Burnin' Up for You Baby

Day 89 of 100 days of blogging

Listening to this morning, the shuffle linked me to a Jonas Brothers song that I hadn't heard in a year or two.

Burning Up was the featured song and name of a concert tour that my 16 year old daughter, Hannah and I saw 45 times during the summer of 2009. That summer I drove 24,000 miles in 11 weeks weaving back and forth across the United States of America and Canada for an adventure of a lifetime. For me, it was also a "Hero's Journey," and a "Dark Night of the Soul" experience. A summer of deep questioning and listening and releasing of physical, emotional and mental clutter.

I was compelled from the inside out to go for it! Day and night. Night and day. When we started out we had enough money for three concerts. We lived on the edge financially and it forced us to look for resources and support in a new way. Unexpected jobs came that we could do on the road. A loan from a relative and a friend. Free housing, tickets and food. Out of the box thinking.

The timing had seemed so perfect when this began because my house was for sale and we had a buyer. It would be a rent free summer and a time to plan our next steps in life. Right before the trip, the buyer lost her job and the financing to buy the house fell through.  I was left with the decision to step off the cliff or close the door. Would we stay or would we go?

As soon as I heard the opening chords of the song this morning, my body started tingling with excitement. I could feel my heart opening. The anticipation of a new adventure. A feeling of freedom. An experience where every day was filled with challenges that cracked me open to be more of who I really am.

That summer catapulted me forward to move from Maryland to California with my daughter and two cats. It led to a year of youth hostels, sleeping on couches, extended stay hotels, sublet apt spaces and living in uncertainty and trust.

The song this morning was a touch stone that reminded me to embrace unlimited thinking. To open to infinite possibilities. To step through the next door without hesitation.

I can feel the rumblings of an adventure waiting for me.

I am Ready!

Bring it on!

I'm Burning Up for you Baby...

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