Monday, September 2, 2013

TECHNOLOGY: Inspired by a Granddaughter

Day 86 of 100 days of Blogging

I am going to be a grandmother within the next few weeks. One of the presents I bought for my granddaughter is a book called Flat Grandma. The book shows the relationship between grandmother and granddaughter through SKYPE. You see, she is going to be born in NYC and I live in California.

I was greatly influenced by both of my grandmothers. And even though I only saw them once every year or two, the things I heard them say and what I saw them do impacted many of the choices I have made in my life. Including living in California.

I've wondered some times about the things I missed. Watching the relationships they had with my grandfather's (their husbands) and their friends. Everything felt crammed into a short amount of time. I want to have more time with my granddaughter. I want to pop in and read her a story and share ideas.

And as much as I want to connect and share myself with her, I want to be inspired and influenced by her. I want to see her latest creation, to listen to her read to me, to hear her perspective on the world around her. I want to remind myself every minute of every day that the actions I take and the choices I make are creating a world for my granddaughter.

iPhone Facetime, SKYPE, Groupme Applications, Instagram, Facebook and more!

Welcome to planet Earth, dear One! I am prepared with technology and ready for your arrival!

Any other technology grandparents here?

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