Friday, August 9, 2013

Are You Standing at a Gateway of Transformation? By Liz Draman, Guest Blogger

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Guest Blogger, Liz Draman

Transition between old and new is always meet with an Initiation, some ground shaking, others mild yet always life altering.  “As we prepare to enter a new realm we must pass through the gateway of transformation; and are usually greeted with tests. There is no initiation without tests, and this testing must take us to our limits in order to be “valid”.

Initiation is not just about enchanting rituals with candles or other mystical paraphernalia. Magic happens when you decree with Faith your Heart’s pure desire. True initiation is grounded in material reality. Its effect expands throughout mind, body and emotions. Sometimes we scream with frustration “why am I going through this again?”  This is because the test occurs on ALL levels of mind, body and emotions. The more profound the change being processed the more rigorous the test.

As we pass through the initiation we are strengthened by the process itself. Spiritual alchemy at its best reveals the true gold that lies within. This is the process of transformation that sheds the effluvia (energetic debris) accumulated (in our physical, emotional, mental & energetic bodies) over lifetimes.

We’re so conditioned to believe the process of purification is challenging and painful. This mindset has created a society that hands over its Power to outer circumstances. Our experience is relative to how much we resist letting go of the old-self. We cling to part of our-self and our life even when all evidence shows its not working for us anymore. Feeling sadness or grief when meet with a new cycle of life being experienced as death, is truly our choice.  Giving our unauthentic self an honorable death is a sacred rite of passage and necessary to birth a new experience. This seems to be the speed-bump we trip over crossing the threshold of transformation.  When meet with Love the illusion of loss melts as a child consoled by a loving parent’s embrace and All Is Well. 

You emerge a new creation; infused with Pure Universal energy flowing to, through, in and around you that ignites Your Magnetic Power on every level. Peace is restored. Joy returns. Love heals.

The gateways are always before us, it s our choice to step across the threshold to a new way of being.

Gateway Garden2

On some level, through our own unique expression of life, we are all being called by the gateway of transformation.  We are being asked to emerge to a greater responsibility of being Peace, Love and Wisdom in our world; even if that world extends only to our immediate family its effects are felt throughout the universe.

Asking, “where in life am I standing at the gateway of transformation?” is the first small step toward your next quantum leap. Step boldly across the gateway with faith, trusting you are not alone! “Lo, I AM with you always, even until the end of time!”  Yeshua

I decree for me, you and every child of Light on this planet! 

“As I create a new world within me, the world around me changes to reflect the beautiful transformation inside. I walk through the Gateway of Transformation knowing that I AM safely held by the arms of Love. I approach each initiation as an adventure, loving every step of my experience. I invite all of my guides to assist me as I take each step with courage.  I AM safe and always going in the right direction. I emerge each time a new being growing closer to the potential of my Awesomeness! All is Well.  It is So, And so it is!”

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  1. Thank you my Inspirational Sister!!!!! You are SO eloquent!