Monday, August 5, 2013

Voices of Peace: Be Gentle with YourSelf and Others

Day 65 of 100 Days of Blogging

On a Voices of Peace call with the Heal My Voice community of women, I was reminded of how some of the deepest, core wounds can appear during the writing process. A real life situation in the present can bring us back to the feelings of shame, or sadness or loss from a childhood experience.

A simple interaction with a co-worker, a sibling, a spouse, an auto mechanic, or a clerk in the grocery store can reactivate a memory or a feeling from the past that opens a wound.  All of these are clues.

I am writing several stories right now that tap back into feelings and memories from the past. I feel raw and vulnerable and sensitive. The people, places, thoughts that are crossing my path are the unhealed wounds. They are the clues to connecting with more peace in my soul.

For me, the deepest writing comes when I allow myself to feel the feelings of the past and find the breadcrumbs of wisdom and life experience that have emerged. It is the way I remember how each experience of pain and joy has created an exquisite tapestry of my life.

A reminder today: Be gentle with yourSelf and others. The memories and the feelings are here to help you heal. Allow yourSelf to feel it all...

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  1. That's so true about clues from the past. This is such a good reminder to be gentle with ourselves ~ particularly for women who are continually pushing themselves to grow and align with success.