Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Voices of Peace: Good Morning! Waking up to More of Who We Really Are

Day 68 of 100 days of Blogging

I was in the grocery store and the clerk asked me, "How are you today?"


CLERK: "Wow! Did something happen?"

ME: "Yes! I woke up this morning. I am alive.

And everything else that happens is a bonus.

CLERK: "I like that"

ME: "How are you?"

CLERK: "I guess I'm Fabulous, too!"

I feel that way about life. There are surprises that I sometimes label as good or bad, but the real answer is I am FABULOUS! I am ALIVE!

Today is a brand new day.


A friend of mine, Susan Gardener, is a Peace Minister and Be Peace facilitator. She posted a link to this song yesterday. A singer-songwriter Mandisa wrote this song with Tobymac because she wanted a song that would get her going in the morning. A song that would help her get up and start life as a brand new day.

Some of the words (and the link to the video below):

Wake up, wake up!

It's a good morning, wake up to a brand new day.

I can feel the pulse that is rising up in me.

I'm just living in this moment.

Good Morning! 

Good Morning Song Click Here to Listen

My question to you:

What part of you is waking up TODAY?

Post in the comments and let us know!

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  1. Love love love this song and will add to my morning routine! And yes, we forget that everyday we are blessed with is a reason to be grateful and happy.