Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Adventure of the Airport and Travel

Day 83 of 100 days of Blogging

Two of my housemates drove me to the airport yesterday. Big hugs and kisses. Well wishes of "safe travel" and "see you soon." I love that kind of send off and I love picking people up from the airport, too. Hearing the first words about their trip and how they are feeling.

Even with the long line to check-in at Southwest with the holiday weekend approaching, I could feel my heart fluttering with excitement and anticipation. There is something about the airport that always fills me with joy. The hustle and bustle. Watching people arriving. Noticing moments like children with teddy bear backpacks and little suitcases on wheels. Watching people go through the security checkpoints, like the woman yesterday who had a bottle of Jack Daniels in her bag shrugging her shoulders in resignation when she had to let it go and the man who untied his sneakers and walked very carefully through the queue without stepping on them and tripping. Watching people just tickles me. We are all so precious!

My smile just kept getting bigger and bigger as I walked to Gate 11, radiating joy and sharing it with everyone who checked my bag and ticket; every person I bought food and drink from for the 7 hour plane ride; every person I passed that would make eye contact. I love it!

How about you?

Is there a place where you get filled up with joy and then send it back out into the world?

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