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Living, Learning and Growing ~ My Journey Continues By Beth Bracaglia, Guest Blogger

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Living, Learning and Growing ~ My Journey Continues
 By Beth Bracaglia
From August 2-4, I attended the “Next Big Buzz 2013” conference in Baltimore.  While I don’t normally attend many business conferences, I felt compelled to go to this event.  One reason was that I was getting ready to hit a milestone for Simply Organized, four years of having my dream come true – my very own business where I am able to do exactly what I love – organize my client’s homes and offices.  Yet, up until a few months ago when I completely revamped my website, I was beginning to become a bit unfocused on where to take the business next.  Another reason was that I felt the need to make my presence known on a much larger stage, and to truly figure out if I was heading in the right direction.  I was looking for a sign, but wasn’t exactly sure where it would appear.  

Well, I can tell you one thing – that sign showed up, big time!  From the start of that conference, I knew I was in for something that would really begin to catapult me to the next level.  I went to the networking event on Thursday evening and met some of my Facebook friends from near and far, some of whom I knew would be attending, and many that I had never met in person.  They were as dynamic as I thought they would be, and it was great to connect on a face to face level.  On that first evening, I had the opportunity to meet some of the speakers who would be attending the conference that weekend, and it gave me the opportunity to make those connections early on. 
During the first day of the conference, I had the good fortune of sitting next to a young business man who is really making his mark in his area of expertise.  I really don’t believe that there are many coincidences in this world.  Sitting next to him, I realized that no matter how young (or old for that matter) you are, you can make a difference to the people that you meet.  It also made me realize that my message and story of both organization and inspiration truly matter.  It’s not that I didn’t believe that before the event, but listening to him talk about his passions, and then hearing many of the other speakers who were up on the stage, it just made me think even more about where I want to focus my energy and how to spread my own message. 
On Saturday, something really incredible happened to me.  I was one of two people – out of the 175 people in attendance – to be chosen for a laser coaching session on stage with Mara Glazer, the event organizer and a business coach that really just tells it like it is.  She actually calls herself the “cut the crap” coach.  Well, she definitely lives up to her title, and that is a very good thing in my opinion.  She was the main reason that I was there, after having met this dynamo coach two months earlier in person at an information session she held in the Baltimore area.  There, she spoke about her upcoming August event and made me realize that it was long overdue that I spent some time focusing on ME, and paying even more attention to Simply Organized.  Let me note here that I do truly care about my business, and while I focus on it each and every day, I also do consulting work for a sports marketing/events company, where I work about 20-25 hours a week, so at times, I need to find clarity in my own business goals for the Professional Organizing part of my business.  I was a bit nervous about going up on stage to tell the whole business truth to a ‘cut the crap’ business coach, but it’s what I was there for after all.  In the application for the laser coaching, I spoke of how I wanted to move forward with Simply Organized and how much I wanted to achieve those goals.  The main issue is that I’ve been so busy helping others in their life and business, that I often disregard my own dreams, hopes and goals for the business.  I’m certainly not saying that helping others is a bad thing, but at times, it can stop the flow of money into my business.  And sometimes, that is where I can get stuck.  Well, after a taped 45 minute session up on stage, in front of the other attendees, I came out with so much more clarity than I even thought was possible. I realized that I can still help others, but also not by pushing aside my own business.  I realize this, but I needed to hear the ways to improve my business in order to move forward and thrive.  And, you know what?  I’m going to continue to do so, in a MUCH bigger way.
This past week I hit a big milestone in my business – it’s 4th Anniversary!  Simply Organized continues to grow and be successful.  I’m using my voice to get referrals, testimonials, and to network even more.  I’m continuing to write each week in my blog.  I’m getting out there in a bigger way, because I have to and I want to.  It’s the reason that I started the business – to help my clients to organize their homes and offices and to bring them peace of mind through the process and to help them move forward in their lives by utilizing my skills and expertise as a Simplicity Coach.  And the journey continues into my fifth year in business.  What does the future hold?  Big, big things … I can just feel it!  

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Beth has over fifteen experience as a Professional Organizer and is the Chief Organizing Officer & Simplicity Coach of Simply Organized.  She has a Bachelor's of Science degree in Management and Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Clemson University.  Beth also studied Organizational Development at Johns Hopkins University.

Beth's experience prior to owning Simply Organized was in Project Management, Training & Development and Human Resources in fields as diverse as communication, technology, restaurant management and event operations.  She is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers.  Beth also does consulting work for companies in the Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC areas.

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